Learn about Amendment 69 at August’s Town Hall.

In October, you will receive your election ballot.  Perhaps the most important issues on the ballot is Amendment 69 or Colorado Care.  It is a proposed amendment to the Constitution of Colorado.  Come to my Town Hall and learn the good, bad and the ugly on this issue.  Both sites will be presented by panelists.  Then we will turn it over to questions from the audience.

Saturday, Aug. 27th

10:30am – 12:00pm

at Tri-City Baptist Church – 6953 W 92nd Lane – Westminster


As your Senator, I Commit to…

  • Read every bill in advance of acting upon it, whether it is in a Committee or the Senate Floor
  • For each bill I am required to act upon, I will determine if it falls within the role of government which is to protect life, liberty and property
  • Determine the future impact of proposed legislation on our children and grandchildren
  • Determine the cost of the proposed legislation and to weigh it against the benefits to taxpayers. Tax dollars belong to us, not the government
  • Determine if government intrusion grows or diminishes if proposed legislation passes.
  • Consider the cost of the proposed legislation on small businesses and their employees
  • Determine the impact of the proposed legislation on your personal freedoms
  • Protect your individual liberties
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